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Adventure activities instructor

Adventure activity instructors guide and instruct individuals and groups undertaking adventure-based activities. These may include abseiling, bike touring, diving, hiking, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, surfing or other adventure activities.


  • Meet members of a tour on arrival and make introductions
  • Organise and supervise groups involved in outdoor adventures such as bungy jumping, kayaking, mountaineering, trekking and white-water rafting
  • Set up and maintain equipment and ensure that equipment is safe and in working condition
  • Demonstrate and provide instruction on the use of equipment and techniques required for participation
  • Provide advice on safety measures and ensure that activities are conducted in a manner to minimise risk to participants
  • Respond to emergencies by providing first aid assistance and take appropriate further action if required
  • Answer questions and advise on local interest points within a specific region
  • Might maintain written reports of daily activities and carry out other administrative work

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