Tessa Carey - Queensland Industry Tourism Council


Read about Tessa’s career path

  • What’s your favourite thing about your job?

    My favourite thing is working with humans and animals. Every day I get to educate people about the animals I love. It’s the best job in the world!

  • What are the key roles and responsibilities in your role?

    I make sure that the animals are well looked after and fed, and that they’re in perfect health. Twice a day we hold shows that feature the animals and I educate the audience on the animals and the plights they face in the wild.

  • How did you get into tourism and your current role?

    I always wanted to work in this industry and always wanted to work with animals. I started at Lone Pine Sanctuary when I was straight out of school and initially worked in the retail section. I then volunteered at the Sanctuary with the animals so that I could become a keeper. Once I secured a position as a keeper, I completed a couple of TAFE courses to improve my knowledge.

  • What’s your advice for someone considering a career in tourism?

    Get involved and find out if this industry and this role are for you. I started out by volunteering and learnt that this is the work I wanted to do and loved it. Look for ways to volunteer and build up your experience.