Bobby Calingasan - Queensland Industry Tourism Council

Read about Bobby’s career path

  • What’s your favourite thing about your job?

    This job is so diverse, and I get to meet so many different people, from all over the world. I might help a celebrity guest get securely to their show at a stadium, and the next day I might be helping a guest propose to their partner by creating a once-in-a-lifetime moment for them.

  • What are the key roles and responsibilities in your role?

    My role as a guest relations manager is to maintain a high level of customer service within all aspects of the hotel. From when a customer checks in to when their stay ends, I make sure that the guest has everything they need to have a good time.

  • How did you get into tourism and your current role?

    I always knew that I wanted to work in the tourism industry. I was studying tourism at university and applied for a job as a porter at my current hotel. I quickly learnt that I love creating amazing guest experiences and worked my way up within the hotel to guest experience manager.

  • What’s your advice for someone considering a career in tourism?

    If you’re thinking of working within guest relations, work on your communications skills as these are critical. Also work on your connections and building your network as other people and opportunities will open doors for you. If you love making people smile, guest relations is a career path you’ll thrive in.