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Flight attendant

Flight attendants provide services for the safety and comfort of aircraft passengers.


  • Check passenger tickets and direct them to seats
  • Receive and stow food, equipment and cabin baggage
  • Make public announcements
  • Conduct safety checks and demonstrations of safety equipment and procedures
  • Carry out emergency procedures, assist and direct passengers in emergencies
  • Distribute reading material, pillows, blankets and other amenities for the comfort of passengers
  • Operate galleys, prepare and heat food for passengers and serve refreshments and meals
  • Co-ordinate the sale of goods to passengers
  • Manage the completion of any customs and immigration documentation which may be required
  • Tidy the aircraft

Future demand

Future demand - Very strong

How to become a Flight attendant

  • You can work as a flight attendant without formal qualifications, some employers provide in-house training before you can start work. It is common for flight attendants to complete a Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew).
  • You could complete a:
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