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Deckhands undertake a wide range of maritime work on land and at sea, including communications, supply and seamanship hospitality. They may also use equipment such as nets, lines and traps to catch, sort and store fish and crustaceans. A deckhand is an entry level position within the marine tourism sector.


  • Relay information to crew, other ships and harbour authorities using radio and satellite equipment
  • Provide hospitality services such as table preparation, bar service and cabin care for guests
  • Sort, clean, process, preserve and package catches
  • Attach runners, weights, buoys, anchors, poles, stakes, wood or metal beams to nets, traps or pots
  • Load, unload, and stow supplies and equipment
  • Operate dinghies, dories, winches and other deck equipment
  • Perform routine maintenance and checks on deck equipment, cargo gear, rigging, and lifesaving and firefight appliances

Future demand

Future demand - strong

How to become a Deckhand