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Actor, Dancer and Entertainer

Actors, dancers, and entertainers entertain by portraying roles in productions, performing, and composing dances and performing a variety of other acts.


  • Read scripts and undertake research to gain an understanding of parts, themes and characterisations
  • Learn lines and cues, rehearse parts and apply vocal and movement skills to the development of characterisation
  • Prepare for performances through rehearsals under the instruction and guidance of production directors
  • Act parts and portray roles as developed in rehearsals in film, television, radio and stage productions
  • Practice dance routines and interpret the choreographic content of the production
  • Perform dances for audience entertainment, coordinate body movements and facial expression, usually with musical accompaniment
  • Compose and notate ballet compositions and other dance routines
  • Create and perform individual performance routines
  • Rehearse, audition and travel between entertainment venues

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How to become an Actor, Dancer or Entertainer